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Sea Turtles & Nesting Season

Sea Turtle Nesting Season

May through October marks the sea turtle nesting season in the state of Florida. A large percentage of the world’s sea turtle population calls this state home, making it a vital habitat for many species. During this time, hundreds of thousands of loggerhead, green, and leatherback turtles return to Florida’s beaches to lay eggs in the sand.

In order to ensure these species remain safe from harm during nesting season, there are laws in place that protect sea turtles from being disturbed or being harmed directly or indirectly during nesting season. This includes laws prohibiting bright lights and loud noise on and near beaches at night when sea turtles are coming ashore. Additionally beachgoers must rise caution when venturing out so as not to accidentally disturb any eggs that may have been laid. Furthermore, leaving objects on the beach overnight is prohibited due to them providing potential shelter to predators who wish to disrupt nesting practices or harm hatchlings.

Being Mindful

While enjoying seaside activities during nesting season it is important all visitors be mindful these creatures need our help especially while making their way onto land subconsciously moonlight serves as their navigational means by which they travel ashore. Since they mistake city lights for stars they can become disoriented easily blocking off any light sources helps prevent confusion.

Together we can help preserve this natural treasure so endangered species such has this can thrive on!

sea turtle nesting

Protecting Our Beaches

Suncoast Beach Grooming is proud to be a part of a solution to preserve and protect our beaches and the wildlife the supports.