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About Suncoast Beach Grooming

Keeping our beaches beautiful

Keeping our beaches beautiful is essential to preserving their natural beauty, protecting marine life, and maintaining the overall health of our oceans. Here are some ways to help keep our beaches clean:

Properly dispose of trash: When visiting the beach, always make sure to dispose of your trash properly. Carry a trash bag with you and throw away your garbage in designated trash bins.

Reduce plastic use: Plastic pollution is a major threat to our oceans and beaches. Reduce your plastic use by bringing reusable water bottles, bags, and utensils when visiting the beach.

Respect wildlife: Do not disturb or harm any wildlife you encounter on the beach. This includes avoiding disturbing nesting sites and protecting beach dunes.

Participate in beach cleanups: This is a great way to make a positive impact on the environment and meet like-minded individuals.

Spread awareness: Share our knowledge and experiences with others to raise awareness about the importance of keeping our beaches beautiful. Encourage friends and family to follow these practices and take action to protect our oceans and beaches.

About Suncoast Beach Grooming

Suncoast Beach Grooming, founded in 2009, is the premier beach cleaning and environmental service company of Florida’s west coast.  With extensive experience in landscape maintenance and design, our president and CEO is an expert in caring for the unique topographical features of our region.  Over the years, we have expanded this expertise to include our Gulf Coast beaches. 

Our Beach & Arena Services

Suncoast Beach Grooming offers specialized beach and horse arena grooming service for all the Florida Gulf Coast.  Using cutting-edge technology, we employ a unique raking system capable of thoroughly cleaning up to 7 acres of beach per hour, efficiently and quietly.  Operating at levels of 85dB or less, our system meets and exceeds all Occupational Safety and Health Standards.  Our mechanical rakes are operated by a single person from the seat of a towing tractor.  Hundreds of stainless-steel tines, mounted in offset rows, rake through the sand every second, capturing and removing all types of debris without destabilizing the beach.

Beach Raking Services
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